Common Recruiting Mistakes and Solution Suggestions

The recruitment process is an essential step for companies to grow and achieve success. Hiring the right employees is crucial for their contribution to the success of the company. In this article, we will examine the mistakes made in the recruitment process and their solutions.

Mistakes and Solutions

  1. Posting the Job Ad to Wrong Places:

Employers who only post their job postings on their own websites may miss potential candidates. Posting job ads on job sites frequently visited by job seekers is essential.

Solution Suggestion:

To reach potential candidates, employers should post their ads on job sites frequently visited by job seekers. They can also use social platforms such as LinkedIn or work with recruitment consultancy firms such as Practical HR.

  1. Incorrect Writing of the Job Description:

The job description is crucial to help candidates understand the job. An incorrect and non-detailed job description may result in the wrong candidates applying.

Solution Suggestion:

The job description should be written according to the needs of the company and the qualifications of the person to be hired. It should provide details such as job requirements, responsibilities, application process, and salary.

  1. More Interviews:

Conducting an unnecessary number of interviews prolongs the hiring process and reduces candidate motivation. Over-interviewing can also tarnish the company’s image.

Solution Suggestion:

The number of interviews should be at the level required by the job.

  1. Not Checking References:

Hiring candidates without checking their references is a common mistake in the recruitment process. Checking references gives us a third point of view about the person.

Solution Suggestion:

References can provide important information about candidates’ work history and performance. Employers should properly check candidates’ references during the recruitment process and evaluate this information.

  1. Inadequate Evaluation of Candidates:

Interviews should be conducted in detail and not too many.

Solution Suggestion:

Candidates should be evaluated based on the skills and qualifications required by the job. Employers should consider factors such as resumes, references, work history, and interviews. They should also ensure that candidates will adapt to the company’s culture.


In conclusion, the recruitment process is essential for companies to achieve success. Avoiding mistakes in the recruitment process is critical for businesses to find the right employees. By following the solutions suggested in this article, companies can increase their chances of finding the right candidates for the job.

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