Interviews, which are one of the key points of the recruitment process today, are stressful processes for job seekers. As the best recruitment agency in Turkey, we will give information about the types of interviews that companies often prefer, in order for the candidates to have a comfortable interview during the interview.

Interview Types

Interview types are determined by sector, position, and title.

Unstructured Interview

It is a type of interview that develops completely spontaneously on any subject between the interviewer and the candidate, which is frequently seen in all companies. This type of interview is a type of interview that is more of a chatter than the other types of interviews. The positive aspects of this type of interview are; the interviewer can reach a lot of information about the candidate from their behaviors given to different subjects. The negative side; this may take a lot of time as many topics will be discussed in the form of an interview.

Structured Interview

Unlike unstructured interview method, structured interview comprises of questions that are prepared before the interview about the position the candidate applies for. It can be decided by evaluating the answers given by the candidate to the questions. Since this method is based on a certain plan, there is no shortage of time and because each candidate answers the same questions, the evaluation among candidates is more objective than the unstructured method.

Telephone Interview

The main reason for choosing this interview method is to save time. The telephone interview method can be done in two ways: unstructured or structured interview. In the form of this method, candidates are evaluated by their answers to the questions asked on the phone.  After it is decided whether the candidate is suitable for the specified position or not, the candidate is invited to a face-to-face interview.

Online Interview

As the name suggests, an online interview is a form of video or audio interview over the Internet. Structurally, this interview can be considered as one-on-one (Unstructured, Structured, Competency-based, Stress) interview. The online interview method is often used to evaluate candidates who live in different countries or cities. In this way, it is ensured that both the candidate and the interviewer save time, money and labor.

Panel Interview

Panel Interview method is carried out with the presence of more than one interviewer/manager from the company. Although it is conducted as a one-to-one interview, the only difference is that candidate is evaluated by more than one interviewer. The positive aspect of this interview method is that it enables more than one person to make decisions about the candidate, while the negative aspect is that it takes a lot of time of the interviewers.

Group Interview

We can think of group interview as the opposite of panel interview. In this interview method, there are more than one candidate and one interviewer. The group interview method is very useful in providing information about the candidates. The responses and ideas of the candidates to presented subject by the interview manager are evaluated. The positive aspect of the group interview for a company, is that it saves a lot of time by evaluating more than one candidate at the same time.

Competency-Based Interview

Competency-based interview is similar to structured interview style. The purpose of this interview is to examine the candidate’s reactions to the previous experiences. In this respect, competency-based interview can be called an objective interview type.

Stress Interview

Stress interview, which is the last of the interview types, is to examine the responses of the interviewee under stress by putting pressure on the candidate as the name suggests. Stress interview is a very difficult type of interview both for the interviewer and the candidate, and if not conducted by professionals, it may lead to false conclusions about the candidate.