About Us

Pratik Human Resources provides selection and placement consultancy services for experts, managers, and senior managers for many sectors, especially finance. Pratik Human Resources provides services such as IT recruitment in Turkey, Telco recruitment in Turkey, Finance recruitment in Turkey, Banking recruitment in Turkey, Insurance recruitment in Turkey, call center recruitment in Turkey energy recruitment in Turkey, and Engineer recruitment in Turkey.

Our Services

As Pratik HR, we provide project-based recruitment as a headhunter company in Turkey. Our services include executive headhunter in Turkey, IT headhunter in Turkey, Telco headhunter in Turkey, Finance headhunter in Turkey, Banking headhunter in Turkey, Insurance headhunter in Turkey, Energy headhunter in Turkey and Engineer Headhunter in Turkey.

If you are searching for talented employees in Turkey, we can be your partner during your selection and placement process. We can assist you with our executive search recruitment in Turkey service. Get in touch with us for more information about executive recruitment in Turkey.