Best Employee Engagement Software and Applications

According to a recent Forbes article, some of the most common phrases used by employees during exit interviews are:

“I don’t feel valued at my workplace.”

“A few of my colleagues have left the company and received incredible offers.”

“I don’t think anyone would notice if I left the company tomorrow.”

“The company keeps hiring externally instead of promoting from within.”

So, what’s the common theme among all these sentiments? What causes employees to leave?

The common theme among these sentiments is a lack of employee recognition.

As much as factors like salary, bonuses, and work-life balance are important, other variables such as emotional security, team cohesion, and mental well-being hold equal weight in the employee retention equation.

To help you create a company that people want to be a part of and remain a part of, we’ve compiled a list of the best employee retention practices in 2023.

Professional Tip: Let’s quickly look at a few of the top-rated employee retention platforms:

1- Bonusly

Bonusly is a comprehensive employee recognition, survey, and incentives solution that helps companies build more engaged, productive, and results-oriented teams aligned with corporate values and a culture of appreciation.

By using Bonusly, you can facilitate employee and manager recognition, eliminate barriers, and allow individuals to express themselves through dozens of built-in features and integrations.

Value the application serves: Company culture

Key Companies Using Bonusly:

Hulu ZipRecruiter Invision

2- describes itself as the Uber of resource management.

This employee retention application provides real-time insights into projects, visibility into workflows and analytics, and integrations that increase employee net promoter scores (eNPS) and updates. Time tracking, automation, and timeline views are also highly successful.

Value the application serves: Project management

Key Companies Using

Uber Adobe Hulu

3- Mo

Mo is a company culture platform that makes it easy for managers to recognize and reward employees. With its simple interface, you can create custom programs in minutes. No IT required.

Additionally, you can track employee engagement with insights to know how everyone is doing.

Value the application serves: Employee recognition

Key Companies Using Mo:

Atlas Hotels Punch Pubs Aspen

4- Motivosity

Motivosity is a unique employee engagement and recognition software that celebrates and rewards hard work and achievements within your team. Motivosity’s expert team helps facilitate goal setting for managers and encourages them to appreciate their teams in a meaningful way by designing an appreciation program tailored to your company’s needs.

Motivosity is an excellent, cost-effective program that significantly boosts morale and productivity.

Value the application serves: Employee recognition, Company culture

Key Companies Using Motivosity:

Fujifilm Toyota SalesRabbit

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