Training and Consultancy

Pratik HR conducts preliminary research to ensure that its clients for whom it provides consultancy reach the desired target in their employees’ training and development processes. Decisions taken in this research are evaluated from a strategic point of view. Our goal in this process is to cooperate with companies to use resources correctly.

Existing human resources are evaluated within the data, and in line with this evaluation, employees are prepared for the next positions using the proper development tools. The soundness of the performance appraisal system is one of the main success factors in a company. Pratik HR creates a severe working environment for companies in establishing competency and target-based performance evaluation systems.

Workplace Mentoring Program

The Workplace Mentoring Program is one of the development tools companies are most interested in today. After implementing this mentoring program, which is highly effective as it is a relationship-based development tool, the perspective of training and development activities within the company will change, and the net effect of the system will be observed in a short time. Pratik Human Resources provides training and consultancy services in Turkey for companies.

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