Training and Consultancy

Pratik conducts preliminary studies for the customers it is consulting, in order to reach the desired target in the training and development processes of the employees.
Decisions taken in this field are evaluated from a strategic point of view. Our goal in this process is to cooperate with companies in order to use the resources in the most accurate way.

It is used to evaluate the existing human resource by the data and to prepare employees for the next positions by using the right development tools in line with this evaluation.

Healthy evaluation system is one of the important factors that lead a company to success. Pratik HR creates a significant working environment with companies in establishing competency and target based performance evaluation systems.

In-house Mentoring System is one of the development tools that companies are most interested in today. Since it is a development tool based on relation, after the implementation of this highly effective method, the perspective of training and development activities within the company will change and the net effect of the system will be observed in a short time.