Banking & Financing

We handle your requests and needs in the most detailed way and create realistic, applicable solutions in a short time. Our specialized recruitment consultants specialize in banking and finance and they can find the right banking and finance talents and recommend them for the relevant positions. Our goal as a finance recruitment agency in Turkey is not only to find talents but also to acknowledge the customer and personnel priorities to recruit the most suitable person.

Our Approach

Our approach encompasses innovative methods such as the internet and social media, as well as traditional methods. This two-way approach enables us to advance processes quickly without compromising our service quality. As a banking recruitment agency in Turkey and a finance headhunter in Turkey, we offer a true partnership approach with our specialized IT recruitment consultants and use their experience to bring together the most talented jobseekers and the best employers for a successful match. Contact us if you are looking for a banking headhunter in Turkey.

Some common roles for which we recruit include:

Corporate Banking: portfolio management, marketing, product management, business development, branch support, strategy

Commercial Banking: portfolio management, marketing, product management, business development, branch support, strategy

Retail Banking: customer representative, credit card marketing, credit card product development, retail marketing

Private Banking / Asset Management: investment consultancy portfolio executive, branch support, asset manager, product development, strategy, research

Treasury: ALM, product development, treasury marketing, FX desk, foreign exchange table, TL table, currency table, treasure operation, treasure control, fixed income, stock

Cash Management, Foreign Trade and Investment Banking: M & A, public listing, privatization consultancy, debt instrument issuance consultancy, financial consultancy, financial appraisal, project finance, investment finance consultancy, financial restructuring, strategic sector, and country research studies

Credits: analysis, credit allocation, credit tracking and tracking, intelligence, collection

Operations: back office, middle office, front office, export operations, treasure operations

Risk Management / Compliance: market risk, credit risk, operational risk, internal audit, ISEDES, MASAK

Financial / Tax: Financial reporting, legal reporting, budget planning, accounting, control, tax

Corporate communications: brand management, public relations, NGO management, corporate social responsibility, events, advertising, media management