Engineering and Production

Construction, production, and energy sectors are becoming more and more important due to their determining position in the development of today’s economy. For this reason, it becomes a necessity for the personnel in the sector to be more talented and qualified in terms of education, professional knowledge, and personal competence. In today’s conditions where the global economy becomes increasingly competitive, handing over your recruitment process to experts is not only a necessity but a professional choice to best focus on your busy workflow. As an engineer recruitment agency in Turkey, we can be your partner in your engineer recruitment in Turkey.

Our Approach

Our approach encompasses innovative methods such as the internet and social media, as well as traditional methods. This two-way approach enables us to advance processes quickly without compromising our service quality. As an engineer recruitment agency in Istanbul and an engineer headhunter in Turkey, we offer a true partnership approach with our specialized engineer recruitment consultants and use their experience to bring together the most talented jobseekers and the best employers for a successful match.

Some common roles for which we recruit include:

  • Mechanical engineer recruitment
  • Electricity engineer recruitment
  • Electronic engineer recruitment
  • Chemical Process and Metallurgy engineer recruitment
  • Industry engineer recruitment
  • Design & Technical Drawing
  • Quality engineer recruitment
  • Project and Program Management
  • Factory and Facility Management
  • Field Operations
  • Production / Assembly
  • Six Sigma
  • Commissioning

• Research and Development Specialists for All Industries