Career Management

Career management is the planning made to ensure that the employees are promoted in the company according to their knowledge, skills, and experience. It involves planning an employee’s progress toward a professional goal and then using a variety of methods to reach these goals. Successful career management makes great contributions to both the employee and the company. As a headhunter company in Turkey, we will share information about career management in this article.

Personal Career Management

Before we talk about how career management is carried out within businesses, let’s talk about how individuals do career management on their own.

Career Management in terms of employees; is a must-do process even for those who are new to business life or those who have been working for a long time and planning for the future, and those who are still studying in university. For the employees to realize their business life goals, they need to plan, organize and take action in their future business life. The factors that an employee should pay attention to in the career management process are;

  • Career choice
  • Setting a vision
  • Setting a career goal
  • Setting priorities for work and business life
  • Finding suitable job opportunities
  • Onboarding process and orientation
  • Adaptation to the business
  • Following professional innovations
  • Acting by career management planning

Career Management for Businesses

In terms of business, career management starts with learning the ideas and thoughts of employees. They ask employees to specify what they want to do, their goals, and their future goals, and it is aimed to realize these goals in the business where the individuals work in line with their knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience. With the implementation of the Career Management, since people know what status they will be in from now on, their performance in business life increases rapidly and they attach themselves to their work and institution. Therefore, the career process provides great benefits to both the individual and the business. The benefits are:

  • Development in the personal development of the employee
  • Increased staff satisfaction
  • Performance increase
  • More efficient and quality business service
  • Occupational safety

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