Workplace Trends: What HR Needs to Know and Do

As we move into 2022, many trends will reflect the changes brought about by the pandemic. HR professionals need to be aware of these trends to be prepared for the upcoming year.

Recruitment is Evolving

One major trend is the difficulty of finding new hires, with almost 50% of small businesses reporting job vacancies that they cannot fill. HR professionals need to explore new places to recruit and different communities to follow, including requalifying people with disabilities who can be a valuable addition to the workforce.

“Recruiting and requalifying people with disabilities can be an extremely viable way to fill the talent gap,” said Sarah Peiker, CEO of Orion Talent. “They also have a strong sense of quality, quantity, maintenance, safety, procedural compliance, and the dynamics between the people they work with or oversee.” he added.

Uncertainty persists

The impact of the pandemic will continue to be felt in the workplace beyond physical health, with discussions about vaccines causing distrust between employees and management. HR leaders and managers need to focus on softer skills such as team building and conflict resolution to address this.

Remote Work

Remote working leaves its place to some problems, and companies are facing potential problems with some remote working arrangements. Facebook reported that 75% of its employees experienced a major outage while working outside of the office. As more companies embrace hybrid or remote work experiences, they are facing similar setbacks, such as a lack of people, processes, or protocols ready to respond to difficult situations.

Interaction issues persist

Interaction issues persist, and engaging employees remains a challenge in remote work. Employees may feel isolated and may not receive the feedback they need without daily interaction with managers. HR professionals will have to find new ways to engage remote workers to keep them connected and motivated.

Health and Safety Concerns

Health and safety concerns continue to be a top priority wherever employees work in 2022. Companies should continue to emphasize their focus on keeping their employees well. Health and safety protocols should be maintained in the office to ensure employees feel safe.

Wellbeing remains the focus

Wellbeing remains the focus, and mental health programs are essential as employees are struggling to cope with the pandemic’s impact. A mentally unhealthy team can affect the company culture, result in high costs and absenteeism. To combat this issue, companies can give employees tools to stay ahead of stress, such as subscriptions to meditation apps, memberships to yoga centers, or tickets to health events.

In conclusion, HR professionals will have to adapt to these trends to ensure a smooth transition into 2022. By understanding the challenges, HR leaders can take proactive measures to create a healthy and productive work environment for employees.

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