What is Toxic Productivity?

Toxic productivity is a term used to describe the personal development obsession that significantly affects business life. Success is generally built on a balance. Doing the necessary work on a basic structure and having sufficient knowledge in that field are usually the two main rules of success. However, the toxic productivity is a situation that casts a shadow on success. When employees program themselves to “do” something constantly, it negatively impacts them and causes stress, anxiety and depression.


Toxic productivity is often seen in employees who wear themselves out by trying to be overly productive. Employees whose physical or mental health is adversely affected by excessive intensity will not be productive either.


What are the Dangers of Toxic Productivity?


When toxic productivity issue appears, people are never happy with the work they do, no matter how productive they are. Because they constantly want more and it will cause significant harm to their mental conditions. At this point, it will be extremely important for people to approach the process with a realistic perspective. Knowing their own capacities and putting a limit on their own productivity accordingly is the most important factor for more accurate steps.


There are also some important differences between toxic productivity mixed with workaholism. Being a workaholic is always working in a field, but a person with toxic productivity constantly feels guilty because he does not see himself as sufficient and cannot reach the desired productivity.


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