What is Talent Management?

Talent management is a vital aspect of running a business. It involves developing a strategic approach to attract, retain and grow a skilled workforce. Companies that invest in employee experience, from retention to development, ensure that their employees achieve business results and not just complete their tasks.


The skills companies need evolve as the company grows. Talent management is less about “management” and more about “enabling”. Companies that invest in employee experience, from retention to development and more, ensure that their employees achieve business results, not just tasks.


What is the Difference Between Talent Acquisition and Talent Management?


One key difference between talent acquisition and talent management is that the former includes everything needed for recruitment, interview and hiring, while the latter focuses on measuring performance in the organization and developing the necessary skills for the workforce. Talent management is also about creating career paths for employees to thrive, identifying the skills needed for specific jobs, and ensuring continuous learning.


Talent management should be integrated into most business processes and activities within a company. It is about delivering the right experience for every employee at the right time.


While retaining and growing talent is commonly seen as a top priority for human resources, it is not the only function of HR. HR establishes workplace policies, benefits, and payroll, but depending on the company, it may also include talent acquisition, compliance tracking, workforce planning, and more. In companies where HR operates as a more strategic function, it takes an active role in the organization’s “people strategy”, which includes employer branding, workforce engagement, and more.


Why is Talent Management Important?


The importance of talent management cannot be overstated. People are the heart of a company, and without the right talent, companies risk poor culture, low customer satisfaction, and a lack of innovation. Companies that invest in culture, technology, and employee experience environments are four times more profitable than those that don’t. Talent management is crucial for companies to stay competitive and keep up with the ever-changing business landscape.


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