What are the Causes of Employee Turnover?

The reasons why employees leave a company can vary, and it is important for managers to identify the negative aspects of the working conditions and conduct studies accordingly. High employee turnover can increase the cost of the company. To prevent this, managers should examine in detail why employees are leaving their jobs.


What is Voluntary Employee Turnover?


Voluntary employee loss occurs when employees leave their jobs voluntarily, due to factors such as better job opportunities or conflicts with colleagues. To retain highly competent employees, managers should conduct one-on-one interviews with employees in such cases.


What is Involuntary Employee Turnover?


Involuntary employee loss, also known as involuntary dismissal, refers to the situation when employees are let go by the employer. Reasons for this can include poor performance and toxic behaviors in the workplace.


What Are Other Factors in Employee Turnover?


Other factors that can contribute to employee loss include job changes for career development, employees feeling undervalued, and employees feeling overwhelmed by high workloads. Managers should evaluate these factors in order to minimize the cost to the company.


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