Tech Recruitment: Tips for Hiring Tech Talent

Obtaining skilled technical personnel can be a difficult task for HR professionals and recruiters. However, there are several strategies that can be employed in the search for tech talent. In this post, we provide some tips and suggestions for successfully recruiting technical employees.


Difficulties in hiring technical talent


Identifying and attracting the best job candidates, especially those with technical expertise, is a significant challenge facing recruiters today. A survey by Indeed found that almost 86% of recruiters reported difficulty in locating and recruiting technical talent.


How to successfully recruit technical talent?


Most technical professionals are typically passive candidates, meaning that they are not actively searching for new employment opportunities. They already have a job and may not be visible on job search websites. This makes it more difficult to find top technical candidates, as they are not actively looking to be recruited.


Tips for recruiting top tech candidates:


Tech recruiting tip #1: Understand the technical position you want to fill

One issue that many recruiters face is a lack of understanding of technical roles. Without a technical background, recruiters may have difficulty identifying the specific skills and expertise required for a particular tech position. It is important for employers to have a clear understanding of what they are looking for in an ideal candidate, including whether they need a front-end, back-end, or full stack developer and what specific skills and experience are necessary for the role.


Tech recruiting tip #2: Understand technical capabilities

To effectively find, attract, and hire top technical professionals, it is important to have an understanding of who they are and what they are looking for. Here are some key points to consider, based on data from the Stack Overflow Global Survey:

  • Most technical professionals are male (over 90%)
  • The majority of professional developers are under the age of 35 (about 75%)
  • Many developers have taught themselves a new programming language outside of their formal education (nearly 90%)
  • A significant percentage of developers have less than 5 years of professional coding experience (57%)
  • The majority of developers use Git to check their code (over 90%)
  • Most developers work part-time (over 90%)
  • Developers often change jobs frequently, with approximately half having changed jobs in the past 2 years.


Tech talent tips #3: Understand what technical talent wants

Now that we have identified the characteristics of our ideal technical talent candidate, it is important to delve deeper and understand what motivates and drives them. According to the Stack Overflow Global Survey, technical professionals prioritize pay and benefits, as well as the technologies they will be working with when evaluating a new job opportunity. Salary is the most important factor for developers when considering a new position, while perks such as fitness benefits and company-provided meals are of lesser importance. To successfully attract and retain top tech talent, it is crucial to understand their priorities and offer a competitive package that meets their needs.


Tech recruiting tip #4: Learn how to speak the language of tech talent

To effectively assess technical skills and build strong relationships with technical candidates, it is important to be familiar with the programming technologies and languages relevant to the role you are hiring for. While it is not necessary for you to be an expert in coding, having a basic understanding of these technologies will enable you to communicate effectively with technical candidates and make informed hiring decisions.


Tech recruiting tip #5: Give tech talent small challenges

Technical professionals enjoy being challenged and often seek opportunities to test and demonstrate their skills. Companies such as Quora and Stripe recognize this and use it to their advantage by offering challenges on their websites for aspiring technical talent. These challenges allow candidates to showcase their skills by solving problems and sending their solutions via email. This allows the company to evaluate the candidate’s skills and determine if their solution is correct. By offering challenging tasks, companies can attract top tech talent and identify those who are most likely to succeed in their organization.


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