Key Questions to Uncover Your Employees’ Strengths

It is extremely important to work on improving the good aspects of employees. How much can employees in the team use their strengths when they work on a project? It is important to find answers to these questions such as supporting the development of employees.


We have compiled some questions you need to ask in order to increase the development of the employees within the team and to support productivity positively.


What Are the Best Tasks You Can Do Without the Support of Others?


The most important advantage of asking this question is that you can instill confidence in your employee. You can find out in which area your employee feels more comfortable and you can help him/her move in that direction.


Which Task Makes You Not Notice the Time?


There may be moments when every employee enjoys working and forgets about time. For this reason, it will be extremely important to focus on the subjects that are studied effectively in the flow. If you want to have employees who use their strengths in the workplace, you must ensure that they focus on the areas they enjoy. Instilling that you trust them in this area will also be important for the process to become more enjoyable.


Is There A Task You Believe You Can Do But Think You Haven’t Done Lately?


Thanks to this question, you can both find out whether the employee is aware of their own skills and understand whether they match your thoughts. In this process, it will be possible to have an idea of ​​how much of the employees’ skills are used. In the HR consultancy processes, very careful steps are taken to get to the bottom of these questions.