How to Protect Employee Mental Health?

Employees who experience uneasiness due to physical conditions may also experience mental health issues in their working environment. If there is a mentally unhealthy working environment at the workplace which causes employees to be stressed when they go home, the efficiency of the work done may also decrease significantly. Disruption of work due to decreased motivation can be a negative situation for both employees and managers. In this article, we will explain how to protect employee mental health!


Flexible Working Hours


Long working hours do not mean that employees will perform more. It has also been proven that efficiency decreases significantly, especially during extended shifts. For this reason, organizations should act by considering the mental health of their employees during working hours. People who can spend time with their family or loved ones after working hours can reach much better psychological levels.


Social Support


Social support can be helpful to protect employees’ mental health. Both the coworkers around the employee and the managers should provide this support to them. Communicating well with the people on the team and making motivational speeches will produce very effective results. Effective bonds established between employees and workplaces are an important step in protecting the mental health of employees. At this point, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the relations are solid, but that the level is also maintained.


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