Delivering Bad News To Employees in a Good Way

As a manager, you sometimes have to take on some responsibilities. Among these responsibilities, there may be the situation of giving bad news that will upset the employees and reduce their motivation. This will become a topic of great concern, where your leadership skills will be tested. In this article, we’ll go over how to deliver bad news to employees in a good way.




First, you need to prepare yourself before giving the bad news to the team. Your first sentence is expected to be quite effective. In your introductory sentence, it would be helpful to state that you understand your team and their feelings best.


Right Timing


Before you give the team bad news, you need to make sure you do it at the right time. That’s why timing is extremely important when delivering bad news. In case of potential news leaks, you should avoid this mess as everyone will interpret the situation very differently. For this reason, it would be healthier for you to make the necessary explanation first before the news spreads.


Being Sincere


You should not explain in official language a decision made by the company that will adversely affect the employees. Instead, you can make a speech with the principle of having a dose of this sincerity at the same time, in a way that will make the other party feel sincerity.


Every step you take in such serious situations will determine your leadership qualities. You should be very careful and consider the information we provide.


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