Being a Leader, Not a Manager

The dynamic between managers and employees can make or break a successful team. While managers may see themselves as separate from their employees, this attitude can lead to ego and arrogance, ultimately undermining the team’s productivity. Thus, it’s crucial for managers to recognize and avoid this dangerous mindset.

Employees often see themselves as serving others, and it falls on managers to shift this mentality and foster a sense of teamwork. Rather than being a mere service recipient, managers must take on the role of team leader. By doing so, they can inspire employees and foster a collaborative work environment.

One way managers can achieve this is by presenting ideas rather than instructions. Constantly giving orders can demotivate employees, so managers should instead offer suggestions and encourage feedback from their team. This approach can lead to more productive, efficient decision-making.

Creating an environment where employees feel empowered and valued is critical to a team’s success. Managers should share their skills and expertise with employees, who will appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow. By bringing something of themselves to every employee, managers can build stronger relationships and drive team success.

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