Are Good Managers Necessarily Good Leaders?

Even though the concepts of leadership and management may look like the same thing, actually they are quite different concepts. A good manager cannot always be a good leader. Because the characteristics of these concept are not the same. In this article, we will explain the differences between leader and manager and how to be a good leader.


Leadership has been one of the most important concepts of business life since ancient times. When the questions “what is leadership and is it different from management” arise, there are some prominent issues. In fact, every manager can be a good leader, nothing blocks it out,  but it will depend on what path they follow in the business world.


Differences Between A Manager and A Leader


A manager is a person who generally manages a business and directs employees. Leadership will be the level of competence that managers show in these studies. Among the necessary qualities of leaders, being inspiring and being able to look from a larger perspective will especially come to the fore. Many issues such as observing the productivity of the employees and correct evaluation processes are among the necessary characteristics of the leaders. At this point, managers need to have these competencies in order to be a good leader.


Many successes are achieved to the point of increasing the competencies of a good leader through studies in the field of human resources. In this way, as the work efficiency increases, the happiness level of the employees will also increase.


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