3 Steps for Giving Sincere Feedback

Sincerity is extremely important for team leaders to give positive feedback and appreciate employees. Before giving sincere positive feedback, there are some issues to consider. Being insincere is the most undesirable situation. Because leaders are expected to generate feedback sincerely.


When leaders want to make the other party feel sincere, they can take the wrong steps. It can be difficult to create the desired effect due to intonation differences and wrong word choices. At the same time, vaguely praising the other party would be ineffective feedback. In this article, we will focus on 3 steps that will enable leaders to give effective and sincere. feedback.


Focusing on Strong Sides


First, leaders should focus on the strong sides of the employee. In particular, reinforcing the employee’s strongest side with an example will create much more sincere feedback. Exemplary feedback, even well-intentioned, can make the other side think of it as an insincere attitude.


Supporting with Examples


In the other step, positive features should be supported with a specific example. For example; I think you are quite productive in your work. I had the opportunity to watch you in the project and analyzed that you did very effective work in sales. You can reinforce the sincerity of his feedback with a sentence in style.




Employees should be appreciated for their beloved qualities and hard work. After thanking them, it will be much more effective not to extend the conversation and cut it there.


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